Are you being emotionally abused in your current life?  Do you feel "stuck" in a situation you think you cannot get out of? It is possible you might have experienced emotional abuse in the past, and you have gravitated towards another abusive relationship.  If you're not sure, how can you find out?  Check out the Red Flag Campaign for a list of warning signs.

Why is this topic so intriguing to me?  Ever since I heard a woman at a local shelter for battered women say she'd rather have an iron thrown at her head than "hear his words", I have studied the phenomenon and impact of emotional abuse.  Having lived through a similar relationship prompted me to write and speak about this topic.  What I have learned has shaped the way I help my clients today; to uncover the mysteries of why they feel so stuck, empty or depressed for reasons they cannot comprehend.

Emotional abuse often begins in childhood, and this psychological insult follows us into our adult lives, where we subconsciously act out this unresolved trauma in all of our relationships.  We often repeat our dysfunctional pattern until we truly understand what happened to us.  Sadly, it is not until we become adults that we begin to realize what we experienced in childhood was far from normal.  Some never come to understand what happened to them, and they later become parents who continue the generational pattern of emotional abuse onto their children.

If you are or have been in an emotionally abusive relationship, please contact me.