There is Hope

Change is good! And you are worth it!


Together, we will solve the piece of the puzzle that has kept you stuck in a pattern, cycle or habit of emotional eating.

This is me--when I ate for two!


My weight issues surfaced when I became pregnant.  Before I knew it, I gained five times more than my doctor had expected and went from 120 to 200 lbs!  My eating was out-of-control!  I just couldn't stop!  I know what it's like to go to the doctor and feel the tremendous humiliation and dread of hearing how much weight I've gained!

I had to figure it out.


Fortunately, I addressed the emotional issues that were triggering my weight gain and finally understood my personal plight with the mood-food-hormonal connection.  After delivering a healthy baby girl, I lost all my excess weight and more.  Since then, I have maintained my original weight, and I feel great! 

How did I make the connection?


I stopped hiding from my problems and found the courage to take a good look at myself and what I was doing to my body.  I learned that I needed to stop my inner critic.  I knew I had to deal with WHY I was overeating, or I would never conquer this weight problem.  Once I did, I made the decision that food would never rule me again! 



 Since 2002, I have been helping clients overcome fears, anxieties and depression, so they can recognize and address their own emotional connections with food. I believe this is the "missing piece of the puzzle" and vital step that everyone needs to take in order to lose weight and create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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